Family photos

Shannon Michelle Photography donates her time to capture beautiful images for cancer patients and their families.  Two dates a year we will contact our current patients and provide them the opportunity to have their photo taken alone, or with family. 

(for registered CBCF patients)

Dietary & Health

There are many side effects that come as a result of cancer treatments.  Loss of appetite, sore mouth or throat, dry mouth, dental and gum problems, changes in taste or smell, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation and fatigue are some of the side effects that prevent you from getting the nutrition your body needs to stay healthy.  

At times patients must take nutritional supplements to get them through their treatments.  We can assist financially with this added expenditure.  We also do our best to keep up to date nutritional reading material available to cancer patients.  

Here are some helpful articles :

Nutrition for the person with cancer

Eating well during Chemotherapy

Educational Materials

Our office features many free pamphlets from numerous creditable cancer organizations including the National Cancer Institute, American Cancer Society, Susan B. Komen and Breast Friends.  We also have many books that are available for check out that cover a wide range of cancer topics as well as inspirational stories of courage and determination.   

Wigs & Head Coverings

Our office features a wide variety of donated wigs, hats, scarves, bandanas, and more for our current cancer patients.  We encourage those suffering from a loss of hair to come on in and look through our selection.  We have caring volunteers that are available to help you pick out that perfect wig or hat.  

Gas Vouchers

If you or your loved one has been diagnosed with cancer there is a good chance that you will have to travel out of town for your treatments.  One of our goals is to make it easier for cancer patients to get to treatment, thus providing some financial support through treatment.

Free Bus for Cancer Patients

At times we know our patients will travel to Confluence Health in Wenatchee for radiation therapy 5 days a week for an average of 6 consecutive weeks.  The Columbia Basin Cancer Foundation supports the PEOPLE FOR PEOPLE Health Express Shuttle that takes patients from the Moses Lake Clinic to their appointments in Wenatchee.  

The bus runs 5 days a week and is free to cancer patients.  Caregivers are also welcome to ride for a very small fee.  This bus not only provides transportation to and from your appointments, but a support network of people on the same journey.

click here for more information

about the Health Express Shuttle and a bus schedule

We want to help you with the road ahead    

​​office hours are Monday-Thursday 10am-2pm    

​please call our office today to see how we can help  764.4644    

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2018 Dream Catcher Experience

featuring Chuck & Darlene Krueger

Lending Library

Along with our educational materials our office also features a wide variety of books just for fun.  Stop by and check out our collection designed specifically to help cancer patients along their journey.

Monthly Support group

Support group is open to patients and caregivers.  This is an opportunity to share experiences with others and help patients through a difficult time.

Every 3rd Wednesday of the Month 1-2:30pm September through May

Moses Lake Alliance Church - 1100 Grape Dr. 

Outdoor Clean up Day

In the Spring and the Fall we have different groups that will volunteer their time to our cancer patients helping them with outdoor projects.  This is very helpful as treatment can make a patient very tired which makes it hard to get things done at home.  Call us if you would like a little help outdoors!

 (for registered CBCF patients)