Volunteer Board of Directors


President:  Dr Evan Michael Graham, MD

Vice President:  Cynthia Dano

Secretary:  Shannon Poff

Treasurer:  Tanya Prickett, DVM

Sharon Brotherton

Paul & Nancy Boehm

Cindy Carroll​​​

​Chief Kevin J. Fuhr 

Jennifer Omlin-Clark

Steve Czimbal

​Bonnie Overfield

​Deanna Martinez

Support Group

"To know the road ahead, ask those coming back"

-old Chinese Proverb

The Columbia Basin Cancer Foundation hosts a local Cancer Support Group which meets once a month and helps diminish the emotional distress of life after diagnosis, during treatment, and after survival.  

This is accomplished through the sharing of experiences, discussing treatments, diet, and other tips to achieve success in the individual fight against cancer.  The encouragement received during these meetings uplifts the patients, caregivers and the community and enables those treading through this difficult passageway the strength and resolve to continue on.  

The support group helps caregiver and survivors gain knowledge and experience in helping cancer patients and their families through this difficult time.


Cancer support Group - every 3rd Wednesday

1-2:30pm @ Moses Lake Alliance Church 1100 N. Grape


Howard Gallion, a retired United Airlines pilot and his wife, Lois, moved to Moses lake in 1993.  They were surprised to learn there was no cancer treatment center in the area.  After Lois died of cancer in 1998, Howard championed the idea of an area cancer treatment center to be located in Moses lake.  In November of 2000, through his efforts and his donation of stock, the Moses Lake Cancer Foundation was started with a community Board of Directors.

Our name later changed to encompass the expanded purpose of the organization.  We are now known as the Columbia Basin Cancer Foundation, reflecting its desire to serve not only the Moses lake area but all of Grant and Adams Counties.  We are a non-profit 501c3 organization with a volunteer Board of Directors.  We receive financial support from fund raisers, general and memorial donations.  Every cent of every dollar raised through the Foundations stays local.

Our focus is providing support, services, encouragement and information to patients and families currently battling cancer.  We strive to identify individual needs through individual interview and then provide help throughout the process of diagnosis, treatment and recovery.  We collaborate with a variety of groups and agencies to expand the resources for cancer patients locally. 

We recognize the dream of providing tangible aid and emotional support to patients and families dealing with cancer.  Our hope is to bring the community together to support and meet the needs of our neighbors with cancer.

How We Got Started

Local People who impact

the lives of local cancer patients​

Maxine Hansen & Mel Neal donated their time and talents to CBCF Patients for over 15 years.  These two wonderful people made quilts for our new patients.  Their quilts have brought comfort for those in treatment! Mel has since passed and we miss his kind heart.  

Board of Directors

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